録音:Studio No. 1, Abbey Road, London
1954年4月27-29日 CD 22〈16.-25.〉
1983年4月8-9&13-14日 CD 21 CD 22〈1.-15.〉
Conductor – André Previn London Symphony Orchestra CD 21 CD 22〈1.-15.〉
Conductor – Igor Markevitch Philharmonia Orchestra CD 22〈16.-25.〉

曲目:Composed By – Sergei Prokofiev
Cinderella (Complete Ballet)
CD 21 Act One
1. Introduction (Andante Dolce)
2. Pas De Châle (Allegretto)
3. Cinderella (Andante Dolce)
4. The Father (Andantino)
5. The Beggar-Woman Fairy (Adagio)
6. The Sisters' New Clothes (Vivo)
7. The Dancing Lesson (Allegretto)
8. Departure For The Ball (Vivo)
9. Cinderella Dreams Of The Ball (Andante Dolce)
10. Gavotte (Allegretto)
11. The Beggar-Woman Returns (Adagio)
12. The Spring Fairy (Presto)
13. The Summer Fairy (Andantino Sognando)
14. Grasshoppers And Dragonfilies (Vivace Con Brio)
15. The Autumn Fairy (Allegro Moderato)
16. The Winter Fairy (Allegro Moderato)
17. Interrupted Departure (Vivo)
18. Clock Scene (Allegro Moderato)
19. Cinderella's Departure For The Ball (Allegro Espressivo)
Act Two
20. Court Dance (Andante Grazioso)
21. Passepied (Allegretto)
22. Cavaliers' Dance (Bourrée; Allegro Pesante)
23. Skinny's Variation (Allegretto)
24. Dumpy's Variation (Allegretto Capriccioso)
25. Court Dance (Andante Grazioso)
26. Mazurka And Entrance Of The Prince (Allegro)
27. Dance Of The Prince's Companions (Allegro Moderato)
28. Mazurka (Allegro Ma Non Troppo)
29. Cinderella's Arrival At The Ball (Allegretto - Andante)
30. Grand Waltz (Allegretto)
31. Promenade (Allegro Tranquillo)
32. Cinderella's Variation (Allegro Grazioso)
33. The Prince's Variation (Andante Con Brio)
34. The Guests Take Refreshment (Moderato)
35. Duet Of The Sisters With Their Oranges (Allegro Con Brio)

CD 22
1. No.36. Pas De Deux: The Prince And Cinderella (Adagio)
2. No.37. Waltz-Coda (Allegro Espressivo)
3. No.38. Midnight (Allegro Moderato)
Act Three
4. No.39. The Prince And The Shoemakers (Allegro Scherzando)
5. No.40. First Galop (Presto)
6. No.41. Temptation (Moderato - Allegretto)
7. No.42. Second Galop (Presto)
8. No.43. Orientalia (Andante Dolce)
9. No.44. Third Galop (Allegro Marcato)
10. No.45. Cinderella Awakes (Andante Dolce)
11. No.46. The Morning After The Ball (Allegretto Capriccioso - Moderato - Vivo)
12. No.47. The Prince's Visit (Vivace)
13. No.48. The Prince Finds Cinderella (Adagio Passionato)
14. No.49. Slow Waltz (Adagio)
15. No.50. Amoroso (Andante Dolcissimo)

Le Pas D'Acier Op. 41
Tableau Ⅰ
16. Entree Des Personnages
17. Train Des Paysans-Ravitailleurs
18. Les Commissaires
19. Les Petits Camelots
20. L'Orateur
21. Matelot à Bracelets Et Ouvrière
22. Le Matelot Devient Un Ouvrier

Tableau Ⅱ
23. L'Usine
24. Les Marteaux
25. Finale
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