お早うございます。晴れ 猛暑日。

録音:2013年3月 Walt Disney Concert Hall, Los Angeles
演奏者:Conductor – Gustavo Dudamel Los Angeles Philharmonic Los Angeles Master Chorale
Mezzo Soprano – Kelley O'Connor
Mezzo Soprano – Tamara Mumford
Tenor – Russell Thomas
Countertenor – Brian Cummings
Countertenor – Daniel Bubeck
Countertenor – Nathan Medley

曲目:The Gospel According To The Other Mary Composed By – John Adams
Act I
Scene 1: Jail / House Of Hospitality
1-1 "The Next Day In The City Jail"
1-2 "Now A Certain Woman Named Martha"

Scene 2: Mary
1-3 "And She Had A Sister Named Mary"
1-4 "I Am Surprised That I Am Beginning To Pray Daily"
1-5 "En Un Dia De Amor Yo Bajé Hasta La Tierra"

Scene 3: Lazarus
1-6 "Now A Certain Man Was Sick"
1-7 Lazarus Dies While The Sisters Await Jesus
1-8 "Why Standest Thou Afar Off, O Lord?"
1-9 "In My Own Quietly Explosive Here"
1-10 "Don't Touch My Left Arm"
1-11 "When Mary Was Come Where Jesus Was"
1-12 "Jesus Said, Take Ye Away The Stone"
1-13 "And When He Thus Had Spoken"
1-14 "Drop Down, Ye Heavens, From Above"

Scene 4: Supper At Bethany
1-15 "Then Jesus Six Days Before The Passover"
1-16 "For The Grave Cannot Praise Thee"
1-17 "Then Took Mary A Pound Of Ointment"

Scene 5: Passover
1-18 "And There Were Some That Had Indignation"
1-19 "We Know There Will Be No Utopias"
1-20 "Tell Me: How Is This Night Different"

Act II
2-1 "Who Rips His Own Flesh Down The Seams"

Scene 1: Police Raid
2-2 "Martha And Mary, Not Knowing"

Scene 2: Arrest Of The Women
2-3 [Instrumental Introduction]
2-4 "Up At Two a.m., Picketed All Day"
2-5 "The Sad Defendants"
2-6 "Jesús, Incomparable Perdonador De Injurias"

Scene 3: Golgotha
2-7 "And They Were Come Unto A Place Called Golgotha"
2-8 "Daughters Of Jerusalem, Weep Not For Me"
2-9 "Now There Stood By The Cross Of Jesus"
2-10 "When Jesus Saw His Mother"

Scene 4: Night
2-11 "When The Rain Began To Fall"
2-12 "His Son Cried Out To Him"

Scene 5: Burial / Spring
2-13 "Now In The Place Where He Was Crucified"
2-14 Mary Awakens On The Third Morning
2-15 "It Is Spring"

Scene 6: Earthquake And Recognition
2-16 "And, Behold, There Was A Great Earthquake"
2-17 "Why Seek Ye The Living Among The Dead?"
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