Kent Naganoの指揮でStravinskyと Bartókを聴きます。
彼は1951年11月22日 バークリー生まれ(日系3世)、1978年から28年間バークレー交響楽団の音楽監督(その間ハレ管弦楽団やリヨン国立オペラの首席指揮者や音楽監督にも就任)、その後ベルリン・ドイツ交響楽団の首席指揮者ならびに芸術監督も務める。



録音:1998年2月(Stravinsky)、4月( Bartók) ロンドン ウォトフォード・コロシアム
演奏者:Kent Nagano(指揮)、London Symphony Orchestra

1. First Tableau - The Shrove-tide Fair
2. First Tableau - Danse russe
3. Second Tableau - Petrushka
4. Third Tableau - The Blackamoor
5. Third Tableau - Valse
6. Fourth tableau - The Shrove-tide Fair And The Death Of Petrushka
7. Fourth tableau - Wet-nurse's dance
8. Fourth tableau - Peasant With Bear
9. Fourth tableau - Gypsies And A Rake Vendor
10. Fourth tableau - Dance Of The Coachmen
11. Fourth tableau - Masqueraders
12. Fourth tableau - The Scuffle: Blackamoor And Petrushka
13. Fourth tableau - Death Of Petrushka
14. Fourth tableau - Police And The Juggler
15. Fourth tableau - Apparition Of Petrushka's Double
16. The Miraculous Mandarin Op. 19: The Miraculous Mandarin Op. 19 - Allegro (Introduction)

The Miraculous Mandarin Op. 19: Bartók
17. The Curtain Rises
18. First Decoy
19. A Shabby Old Rake Enters, And Makes Comic Gestures Of Love
20. Second Decoy
21. A Shy Lad Appears In The Doorway
22. Third Decoy
23. With Horror She Sees A Sinister Looking Figure In The Street
24. The Mandarin Enters And Stands Motionless In The Doorway
25. General Commotion
26. . . . And Finally Reaches A Climax In A Wildly Erotic Dance
27. The Girl Sinks Onto The Mandarins Lap
28. Finally Succeeding
29. He Catches Hold Of The Girl
30. The Tramps Leap Out And Seize Hold Of The Mandarin
31. Having Robbed Him, They Now Have To Decide, 'What Shall We Do With Him Now?'
32. Suddenly The Mandarin's Head Emerges From Between The Pillows
33. The Tramps Come To Their Senses
34. The Three Tramps Stop Him And Once Again Seize Him
35. They Drag The Mandarin
36. The Lamp Falls To The Floor And Goes Out
37. The Mandarin Falls To The Floor And Immediately Throws Himself On The Girl
38. The Mans Longing Is Now Stilled
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