Henry Purcell:メアリー女王の誕生日のためのオード集

録音:1991年9月 Bishopgate Institute, London
演奏者:Conductor – Gustav Leonhardt Choir And Orchestra Of The Age Of Enlightement
Soprano Vocals – Julia Gooding
Countertenor Vocals – James Bowman
Countertenor Vocals – Christopher Robson
Tenor Vocals – Howard Crook
Bass Vocals – David Wilson-Johnson
Bass Vocals – Michael George

曲目:3 Odes For Queen Mary's Birthday by Henry Purcell
Now Does The Glorious Day Appear Z.332
1. Symphony
2. Chorus: Now Does The Glorious Day Appear
3. Tenor, Bass 2: Not Any One Such Joy Could Bring
4. Tenor: This Does Our Fertile Isle With Glory Crown
5. Chorus: Now Does The Glorious Day Appear
6. Bass 2: It Was A Work Of Full As Great A Weight
7. Countertenor 1: By Beauteous Softness Mix'd With Majesty
8. Bass 1, Bass 2: Her Hero To Whose Conduct And Whose Arms
9. Soprano, Countertenor 1, Tenor: Our Dear Religion, With Our Law's Defence
10. Tenor: No More Shall We The Great Eliza Boast
11. Chorus: Now, Now, With One United Voice

Love's Goddess Sure Was Blind Z.331
12. Ⅰ Symphony
13. Ⅱ Countertenor 1: Love's Goddess Sure Was Blind This Day
14. Ⅲ Bass 1: Those Eyes, That Form, That Lofty Mien
15. Ⅳ Countertenor 1, Countertenor 2: Sweetness Of Nature And True Wit
16. Ⅴ Soprano, Chorus: Long May She Reign Over This Isle
17. Ⅵ Soprano: May Her Blest Example Chase
18. Ⅶ Countertenor 1, Countertenor 2: Many Such Days May She Behold
19. Ⅷ Chorus: May She To Heaven Late Return
20. Ⅸ Verse, Chorus: As Much As We Below Shall Mourn

Come Ye Sons Of Art Z.323
21. Ⅰ Symphony
22. Ⅱ Countertenor 1, Chorus: Come Ye Sons Of Art, Away
23. Ⅲ Countertenor 1, Countertenor 2: Sound The Trumpet, Sound, Till Around
24. Ⅳ Symphony, Chorus: Come Ye Sons Of Art, Away
25. Ⅴ Countertenor 1: Strike The Viol, Touch The Lute
26. Ⅵ Bass 1, Chorus: The Day That Such A Blessing Gave
27. Ⅶ Soprano: Bid The Virtues, Bid The Graces
28. Ⅷ Bass 1: These Are The Sacred Charms That Shield
29. Ⅸ Soprano, Bass 1, Chorus: See Nature, Rejoicing, Has Shown Us The Way
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