発売日 : 2016-09-08

Kent Naganoで歌劇『放蕩児の遍歴』(1951)とIan Bostridge (tenor)でシェイクスピアの3つの歌曲(1953)を聴きました

1995年7月&1996年1月&3月 Opéra de Lyon CD13 CD14〈1.-38.〉
2016年2月7, 9-11日 St Jude-on-the Hill, London CD14〈39.-40.〉
CD13 CD14〈1.-38.〉
Conductor – Kent Nagano Orchestre De L'Opéra De Lyon
Chorus Master – Alan Woodbridge Choeur National De L'Opéra De Paris
Harpsichord – Arianne Jacob
Soprano Vocals – Dawn Upshaw
Mezzo-soprano Vocals – Anne Collins, Grace Bumbry
Tenor Vocals – Jerry Hadley, Steven Cole
Baritone Vocals – Samuel Ramey
Bass Vocals – Robert Lloyd (4), Roderick Earle

Tenor Vocals – Ian Bostridge
Flute – Adam Walker
Clarinet – Michael Collins
Viola – Lawrence Power

曲目:Igor Stravinsky
The Rake's Progess - An Opera In Three Acts
CD 13
1. Prélude

Act One, Scene 1
2. Duet And Trio: "The Woods Are Green" (Anne, Rakewell, Trulove)
3. Recitative: "Anne, My Dear" (Trulove)
4. Recitative: "Here I Stand" (Rakewell)
5. Aria: "Since It Is Not By Merit" (Rakewell)
6. Recitative: "Tom Rakewell?" (Shadow, Rakewell)
7. Recitative: "Fair Lady, Gracious Gentlemen" (Shadow)
8. Quartet: "I Wished But Once" (Rakewell, Shadow, Anne, Trulove)
9. Recitative: "I'll Call The Coachman, Sir" (Shadow, Trulove)
10. Duettino: "Farewell For Now" (Anne, Rakewell)
11. Recitative: "All Is Ready, Sir" (Shadow, Rakewell)
12. Arioso: "Dear Father Trulove" (Rakewell)
13. Terzettino: "Laughter And Light" (Rakewell, Anne, Trulove, Shadow)

Act One, Scene 2
14. Chorus: "With Air Commanding And Weapon Handy" (Chorus)
15. Recitative And Scene: "Come, Tom" (Shadow, Rakewell, Mother Goose)
16. Chorus: "Soon Dawn Will Glitter" (Chorus)
17. Recitative: "Sisters Of Venus, Brothers Of Mars" (Shadow)
18. Cavatina: "Love, Too Frequently Betrayed" (Rakewell)
19. Chorus: "How Sad A Song" (Chorus, Mother Goose)
20. Chorus: "The Sun Is Bright, The Grass Is Green" (Chorus, Shadow)

Act One, Scene 3
21. Recitative: "Has Love No Voice?" (Anne)
22. Aria: "Quietly, Night" (Anne, Trulove)
23. Recitative: "My Father! Can I Desert Him" (Anne)
24. Cabaletta: "I Go, I Go To Him" (Anne)

Act Two
Scene 1
25. Aria: "Vary The Song, O London, Change!" (Rakewell)
26. Recitative: "Nature, Green Unnatural Mother" (Rakewell)
27. Aria: "Always The Quarry" (Rakewell)
28. Recitative: "Master, Are You Alone?" (Shadow, Rakewell)
29. "Come Master, Observe The Host" (Shadow)
30. Aria: "In Youth The Panting Slave" (Shadow)
31. Duet-Finale: "My Tale Shall Be Told" (Rakewell, Shadow)

Scene 2
32. Prelude
33. Recitative: "How Strange" (Anne)
34. Arioso: "What Can This Mean?" (Anne)
35. Duet: "Anne! Here!" (Rakewell, Anne)
36. Recitative: "My Love, Am I To Remain In Here For Ever?" (Baba, Anne, Rakewell)
37. Trio: Could It Then Have Been Known" (Anne, Rakewell, Baba)
38. Finale: "I Have Not Run Away" (Baba, Rakewell, Chorus)

CD 14
Scene 3
1. Aria: "As I Was Saying" (Baba, Rakewell) /
2. Baba's Song: Come, Sweet, Come" (Baba, Rakewell)
3. Aria: "Scorned! Abused!" (Baba)
4. Recitative: "My Heart Is Cold, I Cannot Weep" (Rakewell)
5. Pantomime: "Fa La La" (Shadow)
6. Recitative - Arioso - Recitative: "Oh, I Wish It Were True" (Rakewell, Shadow)
7. Duet: "Thanks To This Excellent Device" (Rakewell, Shadow)
8. Recitative: "Forgive Me, Master" (Shadow)

Act Three
Scene 1
9. "Ruin, Disaster, Shame" (Chorus, Anne, Sellem)
10. Do You Know Where Tom Rakewell Is? (Chorus, Anne, Sellem)
11. Recitative: "Ladies, Both Fair And Gracious" (Sellem)
12. Aria: "Who Hears Me, Knows Me"
13. Aria: "Sold! Annoyed!" (Baba, Chorus, Rakewell, Shadow)
14. Recitative: "Now What Was That!" (Chorus, Baba, Anne, Sellem)
15. Duet: "You Love Him" (Baba, Anne, Chorus, Sellem)
16. I Shall Go Back (Anne, Baba, Sellem, Chorus)
17. Ballad Tune: "If Boys Had Wings" (Rakewell, Shadow, Anne, Baba, Sellem, Chorus)
18. Stretto-Finale: "I Go To Him" (Anne, Baba, Sellem, Chorus)
19. Ballad Tune [Reprise]: "Who Cares A Fig" (Rakewell, Shadow, Baba, Chorus)

Scene 2
20. Prelude
21. Duet: "How Dark And Dreadful Is This Place" (Rakewell, Shadow)
22. Recitative: "Very Well, Then, My Dear And Good Tom" (Shadow, Rakewell)
23. Duet: "Well, Then" - "My Heart Is Wild With Fear" (Shadow, Rakewell, Anne)
24. "I Burn! I Burn! I Freeze!" (Shadow)
25. "With Roses Crowned" (Rakewell)

Scene 3
26. Arioso: "Prepare Yourselves, Heroic Shades" (Rakewell)
27. Dialogue: "Madmen's Words Are All Untrue" (Chorus, Rakewell)
28. Chorus - Minuet: "Leave All Love And Hope Behind" (Chorus)
29. Recitative: "There He Is. Have No Fear" (Keeper, Anne, Rakewell)
30. Arioso: "I Have Waited" (Rakewell)
32. Recitative: "I Am Exceedingly Weary" (Rakewell)
33. Lullaby: "Gently, Little Boat" (Anne)
34. Recitative: "Anne, My Dear, The Tale Is Ended Now" (Trulove, Anne)
35. Duettino: "Every Wearied Body" (Anne, Trulove)
36. Finale - Recitative: "Where Art Thou, Venus?" (Rakewell, Chorus)
37. Finale - Mourning Chorus: "Mourn For Adonis" (Chorus)
38. "Good People, Just A Moment" (Anne, Baba, Rakewell, Shadow, Trulove)

Three Songs from William Shakespeare
39. I. Musick to Hear
40. II. Full Fadom Five
41. III. Spring (When Daisies Pied)
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