Neeme JärviがChandosで録音した中から厳選した25CD Boxです。

今回はCharles Hubert Parryのテ・デウム(世界初録音)*/イングランド*/アリストパネスの《鳥》からの組曲(世界初録音)/エルサレム(原典版)*/+/栄光の空しさ(世界初録音)*/マニフィカト(世界初録音)+を聴きました。私は初めて聴きましたが、英国ではよく知られているようです

録音:2012年5月17-19日 BBC Hoddinott Hall, Cardiff Bay, Cardiff
演奏者:Neeme Järvi(指揮)、BBC National Orchestra of Wales
Adrian Partington(合唱指揮)、BBC National Chorus of Wales〈1.-6. 13.-22.〉
Amanda Roocroft(Soprano)〈13. 17.-22.〉

曲目:Charles Hubert Parry
Te Deum, for chorus & orchestra
1. We praise thee, O God
2. Holy, Holy, Holy: Lord God of Sabaoth
3. The Glorious Company of the Apostles: Praise Thee
4. When Thou Tookest Upon Thee to Deliver Man - We Believe that Thou Shalt Come: To be our Judge
5. Vouchsafe, O Lord: To Keep us This Day Without Sin - O Lord, Let Thy Mercy Lighten Upon Us

6. England

The Birds of Aristophanes
7. I. Introduction: Allegro - Poco meno mosso - Poco a poco meno mosso
8. II. Entry of the Birds: Allegretto - Accelerando - Con fuoco
9. III. Entr'acte: Lento sostenuto
10. IV. Waltz: Moderato - Accelerando poco a poco - Piu mosso
11. V. Intermezzo: Andantino sostenuto
12. VI. Bridal March of the Birds: Allegro moderato - Piu moto - Tempo I - Allargando - Piu mosso - Animando - Allargando - Animato

13. Jerusalem

The Glories of Our Blood and State, for chorus & orchestra
14. I. - And in the Dust be Equal Made
15. II. Some Men with Swords May Real the Field
16. III. The Garlands Wither on your Brow - Your Heads Must Come - Only the Actions of the Just

Magnificat, for chorus & orchestra
17. I.anima mea Dominum
18. II. Quia respexit humilitatem
19. III. Et misericordia
20. IV. Fecit potentiam
21. Va. Suscepit Israel puerum suum
22. Vb. Sicut locutus est
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