秋の季節と言うことでMichala Petriの演奏をしばらく楽しみます。

Lars Hannibalとのデュオで素敵な小品集を聴きました。うっとりです

録音:1996年10月 Whitfield Street Studios, London
演奏者:Michala Petri (Recorder), Lars Hannibal (Guitar, Lute〈13.-15./21/-24.〉)

1. Gymnopédies (3) for Piano: no 1, Lent et douloureux by Erik Satie

Edvard Grieg
2. Spring Laat Op. 17/1/3
3. So Lokka Me over den Myra Op. 17/22
4. Alfedans Op.12/4
5. Bådnlåt Op. 66/15
6. Stabbe Laaten Op. 17/18

7. Orfeo ed Euridice: Dance of the Blessed Spirits by Christoph W. Gluck
8. Variations on "Gestern Abend war Vetter Michel da" by Carl Scheindienst
9. Gymnopédies (3) for Piano: no 3, Lent et grave by Erik Satie
10. Bagatelles, Op. 13: no 9, L'Abeille by Franz Schubert (Dresden)
11. Suite for Orchestra no 3 in D major, BWV 1068: Air by Johann Sebastian Bach
12. Pelléas et Mélisande, Op. 80: Sicilienne by Gabriel Fauré

Sonata for Violin and Basso Continuo in G minor, B g5 "Devil's Trill" by Giuseppe Tartini
13. Larghetto affettuoso
14. Allegro (Tempo giusto)
15. Andante - Allegro

16. Mother, Op. 41: The fog is lifting by Carl Nielsen

17. Sonatina for Mandolin and Piano in C minor, WoO 43a by Ludwig van Beethoven
18. Sonatina for Mandolin and Piano in C major, WoO 44a by Ludwig van Beethoven

19. Le camp de Grandpré: Tambourin in F by François Joseph Gossec

20. Gymnopédies (3) for Piano: no 2, Lent et triste by Erik Satie

Sonata for Flute and Harpsichord in C major, BWV 1033 by Johann Sebastian Bach
21. I. Andante—Presto
22. II. Allegro
23. III. Adagio
24. IV. Menuetto I- Menuetto II
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