秋の季節と言うことでMichala Petriの演奏をしばらく楽しみます。

今回はLars HannibalとのデュオでTelemann:ソナタ、J.S.Bach:パルティータ、Koppel:ネーレの踊り、Krähmer:序奏、主題と変奏、Vivaldi:ソナタ、Ibert:間奏曲、Kupkovic:スーヴェニール、Gordon Jacob:ミカラのためのアンコールを聴きました。楽しいです

録音:1993年9月23-26日 Chapel of Fredensborg Castle, With the kind permission of Her Majesty Queen Marrethe Ⅱ, Denmark
演奏者:Michala Petri (Recorder), Lars Hannibal (Lute & Lute)

Sonata for Recorder and Basso Continuo no 4 in D minor, TV 41 no d4 by Georg Philipp Telemann
1. I. Affettuoso
2. II. Presto
3. III. Grave
4. IV. Allegro

Partita for Flute solo in A minor, BWV 1013 by Johann Sebastian Bach
5. I. Allemande
6. II. Corrente
7. III. Sarabande
8. IV. Bourrée anglaise

Nele's Dances by Thomas Koppel
9. I. I know you're crossing the borders somewhere
10. II. And I know you're remembering, you distant boy
11. III. And I'm still feeling you in my arms
12. IV. In front of the castle with no doors
13. V. Where the living dead are dancing
14. VI. There I dance my dance on black feet
15. VII. And later - on, in the place that no one knows
16. VIII. I give birth to the warm fruit of our love
17. IX. And the wild foals leave the folds
18. X. In a symphony of galloping hooves

19. Introduction, Theme and Variations, Op. 32 by Ernst Krähmer

Sonata for Recorder and Basso Continuo in A major, Op. 13 no 4/RV 59 by Antonio Vivaldi
20. I. Preludio: Largo
21. II. Allegro, ma non presto
22. III. Pastorale, ad libitum
23. IV. Allegro

24. Entr'acte by Jacques Ibert
25. Souvenir by Ladislav Kupkovic
26. An Encore for Michala by Gordon Jacob
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