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バーンスタインがCBS~ソニー・クラシカルに残した自作自演録音、さらに名盤「ウエストサイド・ストーリー」をはじめとするCBS~ソニー・クラシカルに残されたバーンスタインのミュージカル作品の数々、歌曲、室内楽、ブラス・アンサンブル、そしてジャズにアレンジされた作品を加えた25枚組のBox Set。

録音:1957年9月29日 Columbia 30th Street Studio, NYC
演奏者:Max Goberman(指揮)、West Side Story Ensemble & Orchestra
Mickey Calin Riff The Leader, The Jets
Larry Kert Tony Riff's Friend
Carol Lawrence Maria Bernardo's Sister
Ken Le Roy Bernardo The Leader, The Sharks
Chita Rivera Anita Bernardo's Girl
Art Smith Doc One of the Adults
Lee Becker Anybodys A Jet
Grover Dale Snowboy A Jet
Arch Johnson Schrank One of the Adults
Tony Mordente A-Rab A Jet
Eddie Roll Action A Jet
David Winters Baby John A Jet
Tommy Abbott Gee-Tar A Jet
William Bramley Krupke One of the Adults
Hank Brunjes Diesel A Jet
Erne Castaldo Toro A Shark
Martin Charnin Big Deal A Jet
Marilyn Cooper Rosalia One of the Sharks' Girls
Wilma Curley Graziella One of the Jets' Girls
Carole D'Andrea Velma One of the Jets' Girls
Al De Sio Luis A Shark
Marilyn D'Honau Clarice One of the Jets' Girls
Gene Gavin Anxious A Shark
Frank Green Mouth Piece A Jet
Reri Grist Consuela One of the Sharks' Girls
Carmen Gutierrez Teresita One of the Sharks' Girls
John Harkins Gladhand One of the Adults
Lowell Harris Tiger A Jet
Ronnie Lee Nibbles A Shark
George Marcy Pepe A Shark
Jack Murray Moose A Shark
Jay Norman Juano A Shark
Julie Oser Pauline One of the Jets' Girls
Liane Plane Marguerita One of the Sharks' Girls
Nanette Rosen Minnie One of the Jets' Girls
Lynn Ross Estella One of the Sharks' Girls
Jamie Sanchez Chino Bernardo's Friend
Noel Schwartz Indio A Shark
Elizabeth Taylor Francisca One of the Sharks' Girls
Swings: Larry Roquemore and Marc Scott

曲目:West Side Story by Leonard Bernstein
Act I
1. Prologue
2. Jet Song
3. Something's Coming
4. The Dance at the Gym
5. Maria
6. Tonight
7. America
8. Cool
9. One Hand, One Heart
10. Tonight (Quintet and Chorus)
11. The Rumble

Act II
12. I Feel Pretty
13. Somewhere (Ballet)
14. Gee, Officer Krupke
15. A Boy Like That - I Have a Love
16. Finale
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