昨日のWest Side Storyに続いてきょうはA Quiet Placeを聴きます。初めて聴きますがこれも素晴らしいです

録音:1986年4月 Vienna State Opera House Live

演奏者:Leonard Bernstein(指揮)、ORTF Philharmonic Orchestra
Beverly Morgan (Soprano), Chester Ludgin (Baritone), Berthold Brandstetter (Baritone),
Peter Kazaras (Tenor), Theodor Uppman (Bass)

曲目:A Quiet Place by Leonard Bernstein
Disc 1
Act 1
1. Chorale: The path of truth is plain and safe
2. Dialogues: I'm sorry Bill
3. Readings: 'Who can find a virtuous woman?'/Chorale: God has his ways
4. You're late (Sam)
5. Trio: Dear Daddy
6. Finale: Merry Christmas to you too
7. Postlude

Act 2
8. I wish I could sleep
9. Doa - Daa - Day - Day - (from Trouble in Tahiti)
10. How could you say (from Trouble in Tahiti)
11. Yes? Oh, Mr. Partridge! (from Trouble in Tahiti)
12. I was standing in a garden (from Trouble in Tahiti)
13. Well, of all people (from Trouble in Tahiti)

Disc 2
Act 2
1. June twelfth
2. But first I'd like to sing you a little song
3. Quartet: My God, Dinah
4. Love Scene: There's so much, too much/Chorale: The path of truth is plain and safe
5. Skid a lit day (from Trouble in Tahiti)
6. There's a law (from Trouble in Tahiti)
7. What a movie (from Trouble in Tahiti)
8. There's a law (from Trouble in Tahiti)

Act 3
9. Prelude
10. Morning! Good morning!
11. 'The one and only cereal'
12. Tag 1: You're...it!/Trio: ...around. Happy twenty-first birthday/Tag 2: Come on, Dede, it's your turn!
13. Hmm. Bye bye
14. 'My heart shall be... thy... garden'
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