録音:1964年6月 London
演奏者:Igor Stravinsky(指揮)
Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, Sadler's Wells Opera Chorus
Peter Tracey (bass), Kevin Miller (tenor), Regina Sarfaty (mezzo soprano),
Judith Raskin (soprano), Alexander Young (tenor), John Reardon (baritone),
Don Garrard (bass)

曲目:Igor Stravinsky
The Rake's Progress, opera in 3 acts
Disc 16
Act One, Scene One, The Garden of Truelove's house in the country.
1. Prelude
2. 'The woods are green'
3. 'Here I stand'
4. 'Tom Rakewell?'
5. 'Farewell for now'

Act One, Scene Two, Mother Goose's Brothel, London.
6. 'With air commanding'
7. 'Come, Tom'
8. 'Love too frequently betrayed' (Cavatina)
9. 'The sun is bright'

Act One, Scene Three, Autumn. The garden of Truelove's house in the country.
10. 'No word from Tom'
11. 'I'll go to him' (Cabaletta)

Act Two, Scene One,The morning room of Rakewell's house in a London square.
12. 'Vary the song, O London,Change!'
13. 'Master, are you alone'
14. 'My tale shall be Told'

Act Two, Scene Two, The street in front of Rakewell's house.
15. 'How strange!'
16. 'Anne, Here!' (Duet)
17. 'Could it then have been known' (Trio)

Disc 17
Act Two, Scene Three, The morning room in Rakewell's house.
1. 'As I was saying'
2. 'You! O Nick! I've had the stranges

Act Three, Scene One, The morning room in Rakewell's house.
3. 'What Curious phenomena...'
4. 'Aha!'
5. 'Sold! Annoyed! I've caught you Thi
6. 'I go to him.'

Act Three, Scene Two, A starless night. A Churchyard.
7. Prelude
8. 'How dark and dreadful is this place'
9. 'Very well, then, my dear'
10. A Churchyard. 'I burn! I freeze!'

Act Three, Scene Three, Bedlam.
11. 'Prepare yourselves, heroic shades.'
12. 'There he is. Have no fear. He is not dangerous.'
13. 'Gently, little boat' (Lullaby)
14. 'Where art thou, Venus?'
15. Epilogue 'Good people, just a moment'
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